Steady Progress

Today we tried out the shower for the first time, it performed well and we didn't miss the deleted shower screen - the water drops were mostly confined to 1 metre from the shower head. We have also used the bath on two occasions and the Sunamps provide sufficient water for the full immersive bath experience - up to the overflow. However one of the SunampPV units needs a new thermal over temperature switch - apparently the ones supplied to Sunamp were not up to specification and I am promised replacements for the two units. At least we can now keep them charged from the surplus electricity from the PV system. The changes to our supply (and others in the road) made a month ago by Electricity North West have kept the Inverter working.
April was the first month I could record the output of the PV system and it seems promising given the shading we experience from Chimney Stacks and Chimney Pots.


Work continues in the Kitchen with Glenys and I laying floor tiles - the Kitchen is still good to look at and work in and we expect Butlers back soon to fit the two glass splashbacks.


Later next week Stairs and more are back to install the glass around the stairs. (We both look forward to seeing the finished product.) Before then we need to check the painting around the stairwells. Glenys tells me we started painting on the 10th February and we still have several days painting left to do. This wasn't how it was expected to go. The plan was to start on the first floor and work down in a systematic and logical manner. Trouble is we were forced to jump around the house because of other workmen. Paint the ceilings about pendent lights, paint the walls around switches, sockets and wall lights. Paint the Kitchen so the units can be installed. Paint the stairwells ahead of the stairs etc etc.