March 2015

Render colour rejected by Planners

The render sample was submitted on February 13th 2015. We were unclear when this would be approved but they said if they take more than 12 weeks we will receive our application fee back. Today we received this

… the submitted coloured render is unacceptable, given its contrasting colour in relation to the neighbouring properties, which are all built of stone walls. Please find below two options which would be preferable, as they will appear subservient to the adjacent properties.

At least they suggested two colours which is a way forward. The odd factor is that their suggestions are radically different to the white cement render that is currently applied to all the walls with the exception of the front. The front is staying essentially the same anyway apart from a small plinth. Their suggested colours will 'match' on the front plinth but is a much more radical change on the other walls.
With luck we might get approval for a new colour in about two months!

The builders arrive

A big day! At 08.00 our builders Liam and Christopher (DSAI ltd) arrived to take over the site and commence the 'build'. We handed over the keys and had a short tour before leaving them to it. Later in the day we received a couple of insurance queries from the QS which seem to now be resolved.

Getting ready for the builders

The solar eclipse coincided with our final weekday before the builders start on Monday.

This morning we loaded up my G-Wagon with rubble and curtains and headed off for another trip to the tip. Then we moved some tools to our garden shed.

Since we moved out 6 weeks ago we have removed the Kitchen, including the Aga, the built-in wardrobes and some floor coverings. Most of the plumbing has also been removed. Outside the house we have removed two flower beds to allow for somewhere for the builders to store materials and build a site-office.

Happily very little now remains to do - a couple of curtains to take down and some material to take to the tip.