Rapid Progress

In contrast to the period in early summer when progress seemed very slow things are now visibly changing every day. Liam is devoted to the internal front face of the house and now is working on the Ground Floor. The vacuum insulated panels are proving a challenge because they can't be cut down and he has to work with the sizes available on site. The photo below that he is managing rather well and the area left to the right of the front door will be mostly filled in with the 150mm wide panels

VIP Ground floor

Meanwhile work on the Basement has restarted. It was awaiting the contractors from Electricity North West repositionning the incoming mains and meter position to allow the 'tanking' to be completed. The complication was that before this could be done they had to alter the supply to our neighbour to be direct from the mains cable under the pavement instead of via our basement. So the saga that started in Spring 2014 ended on the 26th October 2015! The photo below shows the old supply pipe to our neighbours - now removed.

Meter has moved

Gideon, the joiner, has been working on the first floor and now all the Vapourboard has been fixed to the ceilings (apart from a panel to allow the loft insulation to be blown in). This allowed the electrician to make his first visit and he took the opportunity to run most of the cable. He was pleased with the service ducts we have for the wiring and plumbing.

Vapourboard and first fix cables